“All one needs on a Saturday is fine sausage, an icebox full of good beer and a hand-forged pair of grilling tongs.”

— Grover Cleveland

Welcome Tongsmen.

We see you. We smell you. You have heeded The Call of the Tongsman and so here, we heed you. As a Tongsman, the proudest of the proud carnivores, you never forget sausage. And for that, Johnsonville owes you plenty. Starting with this, a woefully incomplete reservior of Tongsman truths and half-truth. We merely hope that you find this additional sau-sage wisdom herein affirming, if not downright useful.


Perhaps the most criminally overlooked meat on the grill? Sausage. If this fact makes no sense to you whatsoever, you are a true Tongsman. A Tongsman knows no grill grate is complete, no tailgate smokeshow worth putting on without putting on the Johnsonville sausage. And “side meat”? What’s that? Ask anyone who has waited all week to sink their teeth into that slow-smoked, savory bundle of sausage bliss if it is a “side meat.”

Tongsmen Know Johnsonville. Do You?

Beddar with Cheddar Smoked Sausage Links

Oh yeah. On the outside, smoked sausage made with 100% premium pork. On the inside, these bad bad boys are socked with chunks of real cheddar from only the finest cheddar cheeseries around. Over 7 – call it 8 — grams of protein per serving, no trans fat, and zero artificial anything. Cheese in. Game on.

Original Brats

Amateur hour is over. The original and still the grandaddy of all brats. Made with only premium cuts of pork and seasoned with an undisclosed family recipe blend of herbs and spices delivering a juicy, robust brat flavor. No artificial colors or flavors, nitrates, nitrites or nitrusions of any kind. Eat right off the grill or in all favorite recipes. Clack your tongs twice when they’re ready.

Smoked Rope Sausage

The flagship of the rope sausage fleet. These fully-cooked and fully smoked ropes contain nothing but premium pork. Zero fillers, zero MSG, zero gluten, zero artificial colors, zero artificial flavors, and zero reason not to be part of your backyard smokeshow. Add oomph to all kinds of recipes, soups, beans, you name it.

Tongsmen Videos

Signature Tastes Of The Tongsman

Beer Can Sausage Wrapped Brat Burger

Grab a favorite beer to craft the juiciest brat burgers. Yep, they’re wrapped in Johnsonville Sausage Strips and stuffed with beer braised onions and cheddar cheese. Never forget to drink a beer while crafting.

No Bun Sausage Sandwich

Never let folded bread keep you from hitting the Johnsonville links hard. Low in carbs but high in flavor, top this “sandwich” with all your favorites like red onions and pickled jalapeños.

Johnsonville Brat Hot Tub

Ah yes. Football playing, beers flowing and original Johnsonville brats frolicking in their very own hot tub meat party.

Peachy Sausage Kabobs

We’re sorry, but a football field is no “gridiron”. Through smoke of their own making, the Tongsman throws skewers onto an actual grid of iron. Mmm. Skillfully grilled Johnsonville sausage and peaches? Now that is how the game before the game is won.

Smoked Sausage Piggy Sliders

Grill Johnsonville Smoked Rope Sausage and slice it thin to layer with bacon jam and Havarti cheese for the slider sandwich of your ever-loving dreams.

Southern Greens and Sausage Hot Tub

As The Official Sausage of the Southeastern Conference, Johnsonville offers a truly Southern way to tackle your next tailgate smokeshow



Fresh out of sausage? Because we know you didn’t forget — a Tongsman never forgets the sausage. Enter your zip code here to find the closest grocers who proudly carry the J’ville. Go. Go now.

Gather Together & Groove on

Keep your plates full, keep your tables fuller, and whatever you do, just be diddly-darn sure, to keep it juicy.