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We here at Johnsonville have a moral responsibility to create and maintain an environment that requires each member to fully develop their God-given talents and help others do the same. We achieve this by living the Johnsonville Way.

Forks in the road

November 18, 1945

A Recipe and a Dream

A Recipe and a Dream

In 1945, Ralph F. and Alice Stayer opened up a butcher shop with another family and named it after their Wisconsin hometown – Johnsonville. Their shop featured delicious meats, including sausage. Ralph F. was determined to make his brat better – not with scraps of meat like other butchers used. Instead, his recipe used premium cuts of pork, better spices and a better grinding technique. When sales of his bratwurst started to exceed sales of hamburger, the Stayers knew they were onto something.

November 18, 1950

Birth of a Hometown Hero

During the 1950s, the popularity of Johnsonville Sausage exploded out of local neighborhoods and spread to nearby communities. In 1970, Johnsonville Sausage became available throughout the entire state of Wisconsin.

November 18, 1960

Made In The U.S.A.

Made In The U.S.A.

Johnsonville is – and always has been – family owned and operated, since it was started in 1945 in the town that bears our name. The products we sell in the U.S. are all made in our Midwest facilities.

November 18, 1978

Hunger For Big Taste Grows

In 1978, Ralph C. Stayer, son of Ralph F. and Alice Stayer, became president of the company and grew interest in Johnsonville beyond Wisconsin. To meet increased demand, a second plant was built. Johnsonville ads began airing on TV.

November 18, 1980

Welcome to Johnsonville, USA

Welcome to Johnsonville, USA

During the mid-1980s, the big, bold flavor of Johnsonville Sausage became a nationwide phenomenon. Sales increased 20-fold from a decade earlier, and a direct sales force was launched, expanding distribution to 47 states.

November 18, 2022

Continuing a Flavorful Legacy

Continuing a Flavorful Legacy

Today, Johnsonville is the most popular brand of sausage in the United States and is available in more than 45 countries. The company remains privately owned and still relies on the same values and work ethic that the Stayer family instilled in its family-owned butcher shop in a small Wisconsin town.

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